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Student Has To Select One Items To What The Correct Items So You Have Learned The Use Should And Ought To. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The bus it's late how the driving explain the reason that come late?
a) You ought to wait to another bus an complain about the bus that you see and report the bus
b) All the rute bus ought to respect the hour that correspond
c) All the bus ought to stay in terminal whatever time
d) All the bus ought to drive very fast

If you driven car you need slow down?
a) You ought to drive very hard
b) You need ought not to drive very careful to don't have accident
c) You need ought to drive very careful to don't have accident
d) You ought to respect the law

The president of El Salvador want to the presidential yet so what do you think?
a) He ought to follow in the presidential at least that time finished
b) He ought not to follow in the presidential at least that time finished
c) The president ought to run way
d) He ought to talk with the team

My son Don go anymore. School
a) You never ought to give permission his to come again
b) You ought to tell that with his need come back
c) You ought to tell his go to talk with the office center
d) You ought to motivate his

I'm so angry with my mother what do you think to do?
a) You shouldn't apologize her mother
b) You should say your mother apologize
c) You should again angry with her
d) You have should talk his father

The university Gerardo barrios sanmiguel Don't have a good care in health when someone hurt in one activities of university?
a) University shouldn't have abligation
b) The university Gerardo barrios shouldn't have all the necessary stuff to give the best attention the students
c) The university should never give attention students services
d) The university Gerardo barrios should have all the necessary stuff to give the best attention the students

My car is broke down what do you consider to do?
a) I should go to mecanic automotive to fix my car
b) I should visit my friend tell my case
c) I should piece of my car
d) I should never fix my car

Alicia have headache what do you think that she doing?
a) She should take some coffee
b) She should go to hospital
c) She should take some pills to relieve
d) She should tell her mother

My mother is very sick?
a) You shouldn't tell your mother go to see doctor
b) You should tell your mother that go to the doctor
c) You never tell your mother have to see doctor
d) You should give advice your mother

Most of the students in El salvador left the school
a) They ought to left school
b) They ought to keep going and stay in the school
c) They ought to going play in the school
d) They ought to talk with all classmate

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