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1.what is a custom ?
a) a)vivid and extensive knowledge
b) b)something common
c) c)something boring
d) d)something extensive

2.what is tradition?
a) a)do a new thing
b) b)guidlines and coexistence that community has
c) c)dance often
d) d)is a good) you think traditions are good ?
a) a)i do not know
b) b)yes
c) c)it could be
d) d)definitely not

4.why are traditions important ?
a) a)we create a more united humanity
b) b)because it is always practiced
c) c)it is something extensive
d) d)it is something common

5.why do you think customs are common ?
a) a)i do not know
b) b)it is something interesting but not
c) c)yes,because it is something that is practiced often
d) d)not because is boring

6.which of the two is better ?customs or traditions?
a) a)both are important have their valuable meaning
b) b)only custom
c) c)neither
d) d)the two are interesting but nobody practices them anymore

7.what is the difference between custom and tradition ?
a) a)traditions are passed on from generations to generations .a custom is a social ┬┤practiced rooted
b) b)one more interesting
c) c)they are the same
d) d)there are few difference

8.which of these is a custom of El Salvador ?
a) a)run through a field
b) b) sing along the street
c) c) the day of the cross
d) d)the day of your birthday

9.Which of these characteristics is a type of tradition of El Salvador?
a) a) stain the wall
b) b) make a horse race
c) c)holy week
d) d)week of eating salad

10.What does it mean: preserve the traditions or customs of a country?
a) a)start doing something new
b) b)remove the boring things
c) c) practice the traditional customs and give continuity every year
d) d)give continuity per a way, more updated without getting bored

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