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How any kilometers (km) are in 235 meters (m)?
a) 235,000 km
b) 23,500 km
c) 0.235 km
d) 235,000,000 km

190,000mm = ________km
a) 0.0019 km
b) 190 km
c) 0.19 km
d) 1.9 km

How many milliliters (mm) are equal to 0.006 kiloliters (kL)?
a) 6 mm
b) 0.000006 mm
c) 600 mm
d) 6,000 mm

4.2357 hg = ________dg
a) 42,357 dg
b) 0.042357 dg
c) 4,235.7 dg
d) 42.357 dg

How many centimeters (cm) are in 5.5 dekameters (dam)?
a) 0.0055 cm
b) 5,500 cm
c) 55 cm
d) 55,000 cm

62.5 g = ________mg
a) 62,500 mg
b) 0.0625 mg
c) 625 mg
d) 6.25 mg

How many grams (g) are in 100 centigrams (cg)
a) 0.01 g
b) 0.001 g
c) 10 g
d) 1 g

20.5 mL = ________hL
a) 2050 hL
b) 0.025 hL
c) 0.000205 hL
d) 2,050,000 hL

How many grams (g) are in 100 kilograms (kg)?
a) 100,000 g
b) 0.1 g
c) 1,000 g
d) 0.0001 g

100 mm = ________ m
a) 0.001 m
b) 100,000 m
c) 0.1 m
d) 1,000 m

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