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Which of the following options are traditions of El Salvador
a) Holy Week, Palm Festival, Fiestas Agostinas and Independence Day.
b) Kanamara Matsuri, Avoiding using red ink and Independence Day.
c) Burns Night, Independence Day and Palm Festival.
d) Teeth tossin, Holy Week and Palm Festival.

What is the importance of family ties?
a) Emotional support and money.
b) Family can give us money.
c) Esteem support and emotional support.
d) Family is not important.

Is the support important between the family?
a) No, the support is not important.
b) Yes, the support is important.

Which one is a traditional food of El Salvador?
a) Tacos
b) Paella
c) Sushi
d) Pupusas

Which one is a traditional drink of El Salvador?
a) Coca-Cola
b) Horchata
c) Pepsi
d) 7-Up

In which department is celebrated one of the most knowing Carnaval around the world?
a) San Salvador
b) Santa Ana
c) La Paz
d) San Miguel

Which elements are important for a family?
a) Communication, love and support
b) Hate and envy
c) Love and jealous

What is the most important thing for a family?
a) Support
b) Money
c) None of them

What is Personal Information?
a) It is personal data that distinguishes one individual from another
b) Departments that need to know when these name changes ocurred can determin
c) You can identify the reciprocal individual relationship that your institution wants
d) An abstract idea or a general notion

What includes the Personal Biographical?
a) Name, address, gender, marital status and date of birth.
b) Name, address, DUI and NIT.
c) Name, addres, gender and your Debit Card.
d) Name, address, marital status and DUI.

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