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What is a natural disaster?
a) a) An event caused by environmental factors.
b) b) An event caused by Factory problems.
d) d) None of them

Which one is not a natural disaster?
a) Earthquake
b) Tsunami
c) Car crash
d) hurricane

It is an overflow of water that submerges land that is usually dry.
a) Landslide
b) Fire
c) Flood
d) None of them

A storm with a violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean.
a) Tsunami
b) Hurricane
c) Fire
d) Landslide

It’s a benefit of recycling.
a) Save energy
b) Save trees and forests
c) Save animals
d) All are correct

It is a disaster caused by humans.
a) Petroleum oil spill
b) Earthquake
c) Tsunami
d) Hurricane

What can we do to be prepared for a natural disaster?
a) Learn evacuation routes.
b) Assemble an emergency kit.
c) Have a family emergency plan.
d) All are correct

What should you do in a Fire evacuation?
a) Wait in home for the Firefighters
b) Panic and scream
c) Evacuate the building immediately via the nearest safe exit.
d) Wait for spiderman

It is a violent and dangerous rotating column of air.
a) Fire
b) Tornado
c) Tsunami
d) Mudslide

It is a way to protect the environment.
a) Reduce your use of plastics
b) Conserve energy
c) Plant a tree
d) All are correct.

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