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1-In which continent is El Salvador located?
a) Europe
b) America
c) Asia
d) Africa

What kind of customs are popular in El Salvador?
a) Car Races
b) Parties
c) carnival and parade
d) Magics Nights

How many departments El Salvador has
a) 16
b) 14
c) 18
d) 7

Do you know a touristic place in El Salvador, which one?
a) Flowers Route
b) Times Square
c) Manhattan City
d) Eiffel Tower

What is the typical food in El Salvador?
a) Tacos
b) Pupusas
c) Pizza
d) Hot Dogs

Oscar Arnulfo Romero born in?
a) United States
b) Guatemala
c) Mexico
d) El Salvador

What kind of sports are practices in El Salvador?
a) All kind of sports
b) Soccer, Basketball
c) Any sport
d) All the previous

In what date is celebrated The Mother’s day?
a) a) 10th May
b) 01st June
c) 14th February
d) 01st January

What are the languages most spoken in El Salvador?
a) English
b) Spanish
c) English,Spanish and Nahuat
d) English and Spanish

What is the capital in El Salvador?
a) Santa Ana
b) La Union
c) San Salvador
d) Usulutan

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