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Which form of government has the LEAST amount of citizen participation?
a) Democracy
b) Oligrachy
c) Autocracy
d) Confederation

Which form of government has the MOST amount of citizen participation
a) democracy
b) oligarchy
c) autocracy
d) confederation

Which country allows citizens to vote but only for one political party?
a) Haiti
b) Cuba
c) Mexico
d) Brazil

Which political trend exists today in Latin America?
a) Democracy is replacing dictatorship
b) Most countries are becoming military juntas
c) Communism is spreading throughout the region
d) Religious leaders are making government policies

In which system of government does the legislature elect the executive leader of the government?
a) Autocracy
b) oligarchy
c) presidential democracy
d) parliamentary democracy

What is the title of the political leader in Mexico/
a) King
b) President
c) Prime minister
d) Dictator

How might the form of government affect the role of the citizen in Cuba?
a) Cuba has a dictatorship which limits the voting rights of the citizen
b) Cuba has a dictatorship which allows for greater voting rights of the citizen
c) Cuba has a federal-republican system which limits the voting rights of the citizens
d) Cuba has a federal republican system which allows for greater voting rights for the citizens

Which BEST describes how a parliamentary democracy differs from a presidential democracy?
a) In a parliamentary democracy, the head of the government is a member of the legislature.
b) In a presidential democracy, political power is shared between state and federal governments.
c) In a parliamentary democracy there are usually two main political parties; in the presidential system there is only one.
d) The legislative branch in the presidential system is always unicameral.

What is the name of the country with a communists government?
a) Brazil
b) Cuba
c) Mexico
d) Panama

Which country has a autocratic government?
a) Cuba
b) Brazil
c) Mexico
d) United United States

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