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Each element in the periodic table ____________
a) has a unique set of characteristics based on atomic number.
b) must be handled with great care or it will react with air.
c) contains hundreds of protons and neutrons per atom.
d) combines with oxygen in endothermic reactions.

According to the periodic table, which group does Neon belong to?
a) 9
b) 10
c) 17
d) 19

Electrons randomly orbit the ________________ of an atom.
a) nucleus
b) protons and electrons
c) elements
d) molecules

Most of an atom's mass is concentrated in the
a) electrons.
b) ions.
c) nucleus.
d) orbits.

What is the electrical charge on a proton?
a) ionic
b) positive
c) negative
d) neutral

What is formed when an atom gives up an electron?
a) a compound
b) a new element
c) a water molecule
d) an ion

Which of the following cannot be seen by the naked eye?
a) elements
b) atoms
c) compounds
d) mixtures

What is the simplest type of a pure substance?
a) compound
b) element
c) mixture
d) colloid

The atomic weight of the atom is composed of the protons and neutrons in the
a) orbits
b) nucleus
c) outer energy level
d) innermost energy level

Which substance cannot be broken into smaller parts?
a) nitric acid
b) carbon dioxide
c) phosphorus
d) hydrogen peroxide

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