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What is a noun?
a) It describes a pronoun.
b) It is an action.
c) It is similar like an adverb.
d) It is a word used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things.

What is an example of noun?
a) Car
b) Beautiful
c) Slow
d) Awesome

What is a type of noun?
a) Determiner
b) Mother
c) Abstract
d) Describing

What is an example of common nouns?
a) Maria
b) Home
c) Firulay
d) Ismael

What is an abstract noun?
a) It refers to ideas, concepts, emotions, and other “things” you can’t physically interact with.
b) It refers to a group of words that change the action of the verb.
c) It describes a pronoun.
d) It is like a pronoun.

What is an example of a proper noun?
a) Pilot
b) Doctor
c) Jackson
d) Student

What is a collective noun?
a) It refers to things can not be touched or tasted.
b) It is a word that refers to a group.
c) It is a word that only refers to singular nouns.
d) Collective nouns do not exist.

What is an example of collective nouns?
a) Team
b) Pets
c) Cars
d) Horses

Chose three concrete nouns.
a) Wind, love and feelings
b) Beautiful, awesome and clever
c) Fast, friendly and silly
d) Oranges, computer and pencil

What is not a kind of nouns?
a) Concrete
b) Describing words
c) Abstract
d) Common

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