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A small, rocky object that orbits the sun; most asteroids are located in a band between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
a) Comet
b) Asteroid
c) Planet
d) Moon

A meteoroid that reaches Earth’s surface without burning up completely
a) Meteroite
b) Meteor
c) Meteroroid
d) Asteroid

A relatively small, rocky body that travels through space
a) Meteoroid
b) Meteor
c) Meteorite
d) Comet

A bright streak of light that results when a meteoroid burns up in Earth’s atmosphere
a) Meteor
b) Meteorite
c) Meteoroid
d) Comet

A small body that gives off gas and dust as it passes close to the sun; a typical comet moves in an elliptical orbit around the sun and is made of dust and gases
a) Comet
b) Meteor
c) Meteorite
d) Asteroid

A planet that has a deep, massive atmosphere, such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune.
a) Gas giant
b) Terrestrial
c) Asteroid
d) comet

One of the highly dense planets nearest to the sun; Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars
a) Terrestrial
b) Gas Giant
c) comet
d) meteor

The motion of a body that travels around another body in space; one complete trip along an orbit
a) Revolution
b) Rotation
c) Orbit
d) Ellipse

The spin of a body on its axis
a) Rotation
b) Revolution
c) Orbit
d) Ellipse

Which of these is a gas giant?
a) Jupiter
b) Mercury
c) Venus
d) Mars

Which of these is a terrestrial planet?
a) Earth
b) Saturn
c) Uranus
d) Jupiter

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