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A cabin on the mountains surrounded by trees is most likely located in which region of the United States?
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Appalachian Highlands
c) Great Plains
d) Coastal Plain

Which geographic region of North America contains hundreds of lakes carved by  glaciers?
a) Canadian Shield
b) Interior Lowlands
c) Coastal Plain
d) Appalachian Mountains

Which geographic area in the United States contains Death Valley, the lowest point in  the United States?
a) Great Plains
b) Coastal Range
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Basin and Range

Which geographical feature lies along the Eastern Coast of North America
a) Coastal Plains
b) Interior Lowlands
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Coastal Range

What region of the United States has the greatest amount of grasslands
a) Great Plains
b) Interior Lowlands
c) Basin and Range
d) Rocky Mountains

What mountain range in the United States forms the Continental Divide?
a) Blue Ridge Mountains
b) Colorado Mountains
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Rocky Mountains

Which geographic region contains many excellent harbors and is located along the  Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico?
a) Basin and Range
b) Canadian Shield
c) Coastal Range
d) Coastal Plain

Settlers traveled westward through the Great Plains in order to reach  California. What mountain range did they cross?
a) Coastal Range
b) Himalayas
c) Rocky Mountains
d) Appalachian Mountains

Which landform  wraps around the Hudson Bay in a horseshoe shape
a) Canadian Shield
b) Coastal Range
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Rocky Mountains

Which words would be used to describe some of the characteristics of the Coastal  Range?
a) rugged mountains, fertile valleys
b) broad lowland with many harbors
c) rolling flatlands, grassy hills
d) glacier carved lakes

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