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Which is an example of an abiotic factor?
a) Deer
b) Turkey Vulture
c) Sunlight
d) Bacteria

What is the smallest unit in an ecosystem
a) Population
b) Community
c) Ecosystem
d) Individual organism

A group of zebras would be considered...
a) a community
b) an ecosystem
c) an individual organism
d) a population

A person who studies ecosystems is a (an)
a) ecologist
b) ecoloman
c) biologist
d) economist

All the abiotic and biotic factors living together at the same time is called a (an)
a) population
b) biome
c) ecosystem
d) community

Biotic factors are...
a) Living factors
c) both living and non-living
d) Non-living factors

A group of elephants, zebras, lions, grass and shrubs is a...
a) population
b) biome
c) ecosystem
d) community

The place where a plant or animal lives is called a...
a) habitat
b) community
c) abiotic
d) biotic

The study of ecosystems is called
a) biology
b) enviromentology
c) ecology
d) economy

Which is the correct order for the levels of an ecosystem
a) population, community, individual
b) individual, population, community
c) individual, community, population
d) community, individual, population

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