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Fingers in keybing position are best described as
a) curved
b) straight
c) semi-rigid
d) upright

Posture is important to successful keying: the body should be well back in the chair with
a) feet elevated
b) the back fairly straight
c) one arm higher than the other
d) feet hanging loosely

When operating the keyboard, wrist should be
a) resting on the keyboard
b) low but not touching the keyboard
c) curved over the keyboard
d) arched

the best control of eyes while keying involves
a) watching the keys most of the time
b) looking at a pretty girl
c) looking at the copy most of the time
d) reading the copy

The form and keying style that a typist uses while operating the keyboard is called
a) movement
b) sitting
c) technique
d) posture

The correct keystroke technique is to use
a) quick snappy strokes
b) any comfortable position
c) firm up and down motion
d) slow deliberate stroke

Correct keyboarding posture requires that the body be
a) leaning over the keyboard
b) reasonably straight and infront of the computer monitor
c) slightly higher that the monitor
d) slightly to the left of the keyboard

The enter key is controlled by the
a) left thumb
b) right thumb
c) right little finger
d) left little finger

When a person is keying a copy, the hands and arms should
a) remain relatively stationary as each key is struck
b) move forward and back with each stroke
c) move side to side with each stroke
d) flapping like the chicken dance

In proper work area arrangement, the copy should be
a) laying flat on the table
b) in comfortable position for the typist
c) either to the right or left of the monitor
d) directly infront of the keyboard

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