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This type of skin cancer can metastasize rapidly and be life threatening
a) basal cell carcinoma
b) malignant melanomas
c) squamous cell carcinoma
d) None of these

This happens when there is an inability to produce melanin
a) Albinism
b) Jaundice
c) Cyanotic
d) Erythema

This layer of the epidermis is the most superficial
a) Stratum lucidum
b) Stratum basale
c) Stratum granulosum
d) Stratum corneum

These glands produce sweat
a) Sudoriferous glands
b) Ceruminous glands
c) Arrector pili
d) Lunula

These cells help to protect the skin and underlying tissue. have granules, which release a waterproof sealant
a) Sebaceous
b) Carotene
c) Melanocytes
d) Keratinocytes

The skin can synthesis vitamin D
a) True
b) False

Functions of the skin are to guard the body’s physical and biochemical integrity and maintain a constant body temperature
a) True
b) False

This type of membrane covers body organs
a) Visceral
b) Parietal
c) Mucous
d) Cutaneous

Which type of burn usually produces blisters
a) First-degree
b) Second-degree
c) Third-degree
d) Fourth-degree

These glands are usually attached to hair follicles
a) Ceruminous glands
b) Sudoriferous glands
c) Sebaceous glands

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