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An object will stay at rest or continue in a straight direction unless acted upon by an outside force
a) Newton's first law
b) Newton's second law
c) Newton's third law
d) Not a law

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
a) Newton's first law
b) Newton's second law
c) Newton's third law
d) Not a law

the force of an object= the mass x the acceleration
a) Newton's first law
b) Newton's second law
c) Newton's third law
d) Not a law

An example of action and reaction on a rocket is...
a) when the rocket expels gases backwards, the reaction is the forwards thrust on the rocket
b) when the rocket reaches the top of its momentum and starts to fall down faster with gravity
c) the air pushing against the rocket as it shoots into the air
d) pumping the air into the rocket and letting pressure build

Which is an example of aerodynamics helping a rocket?
a) A higher drag coefficient
b) large flat nose cone
c) slim exterior designed to reduce friction
d) a rocket without fins

What are the purpose of fins on a rocket?
a) fins spin the rocket on its horizontal axis
b) fins promote balance and rotation on the vertical axis
c) fins decrease drag
d) fins increase thrust

Which force makes the rocket fly?
a) thrust
b) lift
c) weight
d) drag

Which statement will make a rocket lift off?
a) thrust = weight
b) thrust is greater than weight and drag
c) thrust is less than weight and drag
d) thrust and lift are greater than weight

Where is the rockets center of gravity?
a) Near the nose cone
b) Near the fins
c) in the exact middle of the rocket
d) only on one fin

What happens if the fins are angled on a rocket?
a) The less drag
b) The more thrust there is
c) The faster the rocket rotates
d) It changes the center of gravity

Which is not an acting force on a rocket?
a) gravity
b) drag
c) thrust
d) lift

If the mass is increased, what happens to the force of the rocket?
a) force stays the same
b) force decreases
c) force increases
d) force has nothing to do with mass

Which is not a main part of the rocket?
a) fuselage
b) fins
c) nose cone
d) wings

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