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The 4,000 mile Great Wall of China served to shut off, or ___________, China from other countries.
a) bridge
b) shrine
c) maize
d) isolate

Asians may have walked to Alaska over the Bering Strait, which was a land ____________.
a) dynasty
b) caste
c) bridge
d) shrine

South Americans raised llamas for their ____________.
a) wool
b) shrine
c) ancestors
d) maize

Many __________ lands invaded India after the Maurya empire ended.
a) caste
b) reincarnation
c) foreign
d) bridge

People in North America were the first to grow___________.
a) wool
b) grains
c) silkworms
d) maize

What is the religion that believes some people are born better than others?
a) Aryan
b) nirvana
c) Hinduism
d) Buddhism

What is the word for the Buddist concept of heaven?
a) raja
b) Aryans
c) nirvana
d) barrier

What is the Hindu word for a prince that protected and conqured lands?
a) Barrier
b) raja
c) untouchable
d) emperor

What were conqured people from India called?
a) raja
b) untouchable
c) nirvana
d) emperor

Who were the people that conquered Mohenjo-Daro?
a) Hindus
b) Monkey Men
c) Buddists
d) Aryans

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