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Objects which were created at the time under study
a) Primary Source
b) Main Source
c) Secondary Source
d) Anonymous Source

Which is NOT an example of a primary source?
a) picture from the scene
b) diary
c) textbook
d) letter

What is a secondary source?
a) object from a direct source
b) a first-hand account of an event
c) a letter from a person explaining an experience
d) object was produced after that event from compiled info

What's an example of a secondary source?
a) letter
b) textbook
c) diary
d) picture of an event

What is bias?
a) being open minded
b) giving both points of view or perspective
c) favoritism in favor of or against one thing
d) strictly informational

What does it mean to be credible?
a) capable of persuading something to be true, trustworthy
b) not being backed by facts
c) a useless source
d) unconvincing information of an event

What is an example of a credible source?
a) a recollection of an event with significant bias
b) one that states all of its sources
c) an opinion column of a newspaper
d) wikipedia

What is a sequence of an events?
a) events placed in chronological order
b) unorganized information
c) an event without clear steps
d) various numbers in a line

What is an important question when thinking like a historian?
a) who created this?
b) why was this created?
c) when was it created?
d) all of the above

Historical events always have a....
a) beginning and an end
b) cause and effect on history
c) a single reason why it happened
d) a person who caused the event

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