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To evaluate the observations you make, you must use ____________________.
a) a hypothesis
b) critical thinking
c) measurements
d) models

A camera is an example of _______________.
a) an experiment
b) a robot
c) technology
d) a scientific method

When conducting an experiment, the last step is to __________________.
a) analyze the data
b) draw conclusions
c) form a hypothesis
d) recognize a problem

When designing an experiment, the first step is to __________________.
a) draw conclusions
b) form a hypothesis
c) recognize a problem
d) test a hypothesis

Another term for technology is ___________________.
a) applied science
b) controlled experiment
c) comparison
d) sequence

The three branches of science are_____________, Earth, and physical.
a) space
b) physics
c) life
d) chemistry

Scientific ______________must be supported by observations and results from many investigations and are not absolute.
a) constants
b) theories
c) systems
d) laws

Models can be used to describe which of the following environments?
a) the floor of the ocean
b) volcanoes
c) space
d) All of the above

Limitations of models include ________________.
a) ability to communicate
b) the ability to test predictions
c) the tendency to change
d) the ability to save time

Models can do all of the following EXCEPT _______________.
a) make a hypothesis
b) communicate
c) test predictions
d) save time, money, and lives

Science cannot answer questions about _______________.
a) distance
b) temperature
c) politics
d) the natural world

A variable in an experiment that stays the same is a (n) ________________________.
a) independent variable
b) dependent variable
c) constant
d) control

The factor being measured in an experiment is the _______________.
a) hypothesis
b) scientific law
c) variable
d) control

It is important to ________________when drawing conclusions from scientific information.
a) keep notes
b) make up your mind
c) talk to others
d) keep an open mind

A prediction about a problem that can be tested is a (n) ____________________.
a) hypothesis
b) independent variable
c) dependent variable
d) control

Experiments and investigations must be _________________________.
a) approved
b) unreproduceable
c) repeatable
d) accepted

The process of learning more about the natural world is _____________________-.
a) an experiment
b) control
c) a hypothesis
d) science

Scientists must be impartial and not base their conclusions on ___________________.
a) opinions
b) evidence
c) models
d) experiments

To_____________means to draw a conclusion based on something you observe.
a) guess
b) control
c) model
d) infer

______________materials are designed to get you to buy a product or service.
a) Model
b) Scientific
c) Observed
d) Advertising

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