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Even though the Tigris and Euphrates were located in a desert, how was it beneficial to the Sumerians?
a) It flooded annually bringing silt which was good for the soil, allowing them to farm.
b) It allowed them to bathe once a week.
c) It flooded all year round, allowing them to farm year round.
d) It would dry up, allowing them to access the dead for food during the summer.

Other than providing rich soil for the Nile River Valley, how did the Nile River increase wealth and resources for the people?
a) It created a barrier between themselves and outside villages.
b) It allowed them to trade up and down the river to gain profit.
c) It allowed them re-create new villages after flooding had occurred.
d) It forced them to stay in one place within the valley since it acted as a natural barrier.

How could the Gobi Desert in Ancient China be seen as beneficial?
a) It grew certain vegetation that was needed by the people.
b) It provided yellow silt for fertile land.
c) It acted as a natural barrier to keep invaders out.
d) It allowed bad people or prisoners to be banished to the area so as not to disrupt the people.

If the area in the highlands of Mesoamerica was too dry for crops, how could the Mayans have fixed this problem?
a) Use slash and burn farming to grow more crops quickly.
b) Use an irrigation system that allowed the water to flow from a water source to the highlands.
c) Wait on rain and carry buckets up.
d) Make it illegal for people to live in the highlands of that area.

How might the belief in Enlil, the Sumerian god help the community thrive or flourish?
a) It would create a division between the people that believed and people that didnt.
b) It would allow for people to predict the future.
c) It would bring people together with a common belief in a higher power.
d) It helped the upper class justify why they treated the lower class so poorly.

If an ancient civilization did not have flat land, how could they solve the problem of growing crops?
a) They could use terrace farming
b) They could use slash and burn farming
c) They could just hunt and not grow to feed their population
d) They could blast mountains and hills with dynamite.

Which of the following would have made the Yellow River Valley very rich, since it was a natural resource no other civilization had?
a) Bronze
b) Copper
c) Papyrus
d) Silk

How did Hammurabi's Code help the Sumerian society?
a) It didnt.
b) It allowed for the rich and wealthy to get away with crimes they committed.
c) It created laws and rules that everyone had to follow, thus creating order in the civilization.
d) It gave people the chance to harm or hurt others if they felt it was truly necessary.

Because of the dry land surrounding the area, the Egyptians relied on what river to flood?
a) Nile River
b) Indus River
c) Yellow River
d) Usamacinta River

What did the Sumerians create that allowed them to communicate with others through writing?
a) Papyrus
b) Astronomy
c) 365 Day calendar
d) Cuneiform

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