Vocabulary Set 10 Question Preview (ID: 43409)

Vocab Lesson 10. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

to declare void; to cancel
a) annul
b) carcass
c) conceited
d) gingerly

the dead body of an animal
a) carcass
b) annul
c) crevasse
d) economize

thinking too highly of oneself
a) conceited
b) carcass
c) contender
d) economize

a competitor; a challenger
a) contender
b) crevasse
c) conceited
d) pension

a deep opening or fissure in the ground
a) crevasse
b) carcass
c) gingerly
d) kiln

to note the distinct features of persons or things
a) discriminate
b) annul
c) vile
d) prohibit

to limit waste and expense; to spend sparingly
a) economize
b) conceited
c) gingerly
d) kiln

a) gingerly
b) prohibit
c) salvage
d) traverse

an oven or furnace used to bake or dry substances such as clay or wood
a) kiln
b) pension
c) salvage
d) vile

regular payments made by an employer to a retired employee
a) pension
b) plot
c) gingerly
d) traverse

a secret plan to achieve a goal, especially something evil or illegal
a) plot
b) prohibit
c) discriminate
d) contender

to forbid by law
a) prohibit
b) gingerly
c) annul
d) economize

to save from destruction or damage
a) salvage
b) traverse
c) kiln
d) crevasse

to travel or extend across or over
a) traverse
b) vile
c) pension
d) discriminate

evil; disgusting
a) vile
b) contenders
c) carcass
d) conceited

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