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What was a major cause for the shift in European trade from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean during the late 1400s?
a) Ottoman Turks seized control of Constantinople.
b) The Ming dynasty authorized Zheng He to make long-distance voyages.
c) The Tokugawa shogunate adopted an isolationist policy.
d) Christian crusaders captured Jerusalem.

Advances in navigation technology and the desire of Europeans to obtain goods from Asia are most closely associated with the
a) rise of feudalism
b) Agricultural Revolution
c) Age of Exploration
d) Age of Reason

The Age of Exploration led directly to the
a) establishment of European colonies
b) start of the Puritan Revolution
c) invention of the magnetic compass
d) failure of the Congress of Vienna

Akbar the Great tried to unify the Mughal Empire and create peace between the different people of India by
a) promoting a policy of religious toleration
b) forcing all people to adopt modern dress
c) building the Taj Mahal to inspire healing
d) establishing Buddhism as the state religion

One way in which Suleiman the Magnificent and Akbar the Great are similar is that they both brought about periods of
a) political stability and religious tolerance
b) religious conquest and persecution
c) isolationism and cultural stagnation
d) modernization and political disunity

Which statement about the geography of Japan is most accurate?
a) Location has made it easy to invade.
b) The irregular coastline has many natural harbors.
c) Large plains are its primary physical feature.
d) Earthquakes do not threaten the islands.

By closing Japanese harbors to most foreigners in the 1600s, the Tokugawa shogunate attempted to
a) protect Japan from European influence
b) increase Japanese agricultural production
c) eliminate Japan’s influence on Southeast Asia
d) destroy traditional Japanese culture

Which statement about government during the Tokugawa period in Japan is most accurate?
a) The power of the emperor was absolute and supreme.
b) The real power was held by foreign countries.
c) Actual power was held by the shogun.
d) Political power was in the hands of the merchant class.

Which change is most closely associated with Peter the Great of Russia?
a) establishment of Moscow as the capital city
b) extension of Russia’s borders to the Northern Caucuses and Ukraine
c) westernization and modernization of the country
d) emancipation of the serfs on private estates

The Ottoman Turks viewed Constantinople as being strategically important because it
a) was the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad.
b) would allow them to control the Vatican.
c) would provide them with access to the Persian Gulf.
d) was a crossroads between Europe and Asia.

Louis XIV and Peter the Great would most likely agree with the expression
a) “government should leave businesses alone”
b) “countries should settle differences without war”
c) “do not question government authority”
d) “all men are created with natural rights”

One way in which Suleiman the Magnificent and Louis XIV are similar is that they both
a) centralized political power
b) introduced a new national religion
c) strengthened the authority of the nobility
d) freed peasants from feudal obligations

Akbar the Great, Suleiman the Magnificent, and Louis XIV are all rulers associated with
a) natural rights
b) filial piety
c) religious toleration
d) absolutism

The location of the Ottoman Empire had an impact on the
a) trade between Europe and Asia
b) conquest of Spain by the Muslims
c) conquest of Spain by the Muslims
d) decline in the Atlantic slave trade

King Louis XIV of France, Peter the Great of Russia, and Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire were all considered absolute rulers because they
a) broke from the Roman Catholic Church
b) helped feudal lords build secure castles
c) instituted programs that provided more power to their parliaments
d) determined government policies without the consent of their people

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