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People who belonged to the highest caste in ancient India were_______.
a) farmers
b) unskilled workers
c) priests
d) rulers

Siddharta Gautama, who started Buddhism, gave up all of his ________.
a) gods
b) wealth
c) poverty
d) beliefs

Rulers that are all part of the same family are called a __________.
a) dynasty
b) emperor
c) foreigner
d) conqueror

The Hung He River ________, so it became knows as
a) grew
b) changed direction
c) dried up
d) flooded

The _________ were the first to build a city in the Americas.
a) Buddhists
b) Mohenjo-Daro
c) Mayas
d) Olmecs

In a(n) _____________, people are divided into social classes from higher to lower.
a) shrine
b) dynasty
c) caste
d) maize

According to the belief of ___________________, after death a person's soul lives again in a new body.
a) ancestors
b) reincarnation
c) bridge
d) raja

A(n) _________________ is a place of worship built by the Olmec civilization.
a) shrine
b) wool
c) dynasty
d) caste

The Han _______________ is known as the first Golden Age of China
a) caste
b) raja
c) shrine
d) dynasty

In China, respect for _______________ helped to hold families and the culture together
a) caste
b) raja
c) dynasty
d) ancestors

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