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The House of Burgessess was
a) where the settlers lived in South Carolina
b) first form of the republican party
c) the capial of South Carolina
d) the first form of democratic politics in America

First successful colony by the English was in
a) Massachusetts
b) Jamestown, Virginia
c) Hilton Head, NC
d) Washington DC

Ribault was sent by France
a) search for gold
b) to bring slaves to France
c) to start a Protestant colony
d) to take Native Americans to France

Why did people come to America
a) free land
b) freedom of religion
c) freedom of politics
d) all of the above

Columbus 'found' America in
a) 1504
b) 1601
c) 1492
d) 1550

This tribe were nomads before they settled in South Carolina
a) Iriquois
b) Cherokee
c) Catawba
d) Yamassee

This Native American tribe lived in what we now call Rock Hill
a) Catawba
b) Cherokee
c) Yamassee
d) Powhatan

The Native American population went from 20,000 to ___?
a) 1,000
b) 2,000
c) 200,000
d) 2,000,000

Many people traveled to America by
a) the church sent them away
b) arrested and sent away
c) being an indentured servant
d) swam the Atlantic

Columbus sailed FROM what country to find the Americas?
a) England
b) United States
c) France
d) Spain

Columbus had 3 ships named
a) La Pinta, Nina, and Santa Maria
b) The Pinto, Nina, and Santa Maria
c) La Pinta, Nunyo, and Santa Maria
d) La, Pinta, Nina, Saint Martin

This tribe lived in the Northwest part of South Carolina.
a) Cheyenne
b) Cherokee
c) Catawba
d) Yamassee

The Native American population DECREASED because
a) it did not decrease
b) bad crops
c) slavery
d) disease

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