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Which of the following is something a monarch would do to enforce mercantilism in his/her colony?
a) allow his/her colony to trade freely with other countries
b) create strict laws on religion
c) encourage a network of trade with as many foreign countries as possible
d) place tariffs on imported goods from any country except the mother country

Which of the following would create a FAVORABLE balance of trade?
a) importing as many manufactured goods as needed by your country
b) placing high taxes on trade
c) having a higher value of exported goods than the value of imported goods
d) importing slightly more than exported

Which two mother countries signed the Treaty of Tordesillas, establishing the line of demarcation in South America?
a) Spain and Portugal
b) The Netherlands and Spain
c) Spain and England
d) France and Spain

Which of the following is a reason Spain was able to conquer so much land in the Americas?
a) a superior navy (Spanish Armada)
b) an older, wiser monarch
c) a stronger desire to create Trade Post Colonies
d) a shorter distance to travel than the other mother countries

Which of the following colonies used slave labor to grow cash crops for the mother country?
a) Plantation Colony
b) Trade Post Colony
c) Mercantile Colony
d) Settler Colony

Which of the following best defines a raw material?
a) something used to create a finished good
b) a manufactured good
c) a tax on a good imported from another country
d) a material sold to another country

Which of the following is NOT a type of colony established during the Age of Exploration?
a) Trade Post Colony
b) Settler Colony
c) Plantation Colony
d) Mercantile Colony

Which of the following European nations created a Trade Post Colony along the Mississippi River Valley?
a) The Netherlands
b) France
c) Portugal
d) Spain

Which of the following is NOT an effect of European dominance in exploration?
a) the spread of European political systems around the world
b) the spread of European culture around the world
c) Europe expanding its reach around the world
d) the spread of European mills and refineries around the world

Which of the following navigational tools helped locate true North using magnetism?
a) compass
b) astrolabe
c) viceroy
d) caravel

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