CPO Earth Science Chapter 19 Question Preview (ID: 43361)

Science Chapter 19 Stars. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The longest part of a star's life. The star is stable.
a) main sequence
b) nebula
c) protostar
d) white dwarf

What atoms bond or fuse to create a star?
a) hydrogen
b) helium
c) carbon
d) sulfur

This stage in a low mass star's life is where the star expands to cool.
a) red giant
b) nebula
c) white dwarf
d) brown dwarf

What stage that lasts the longest amount of time and where the star remains unchanging and stable.(Hint: Our sun is in this stage)
a) main sequence
b) nebula
c) white dwarf
d) brown dwarf

A dead, small, hot star that is the leftover center of the star. It has no energy left.
a) white dwarf star
b) nebula
c) supernova
d) black hole

A gigantic explosion where a massive star collapses and throws its outer layers into space.
a) supernova
b) nebula
c) white dwarf
d) brown dwarf

An explanation of how the universe began 10-20 billion years ago.
a) Big Bang Theory
b) The Theory of Life
c) A Star's Life
d) Supernova

A huge cloud of gas and dust where a star is born or begins life.
a) nebula
b) white dwarf
c) brown dwarf
d) protostar

A process where the color of light is looked at closely to figure out what type of atoms it is made of.
a) spectroscopy
b) light year
c) brightness
d) luminosity

The total amount of light given off by a star in all directions.
a) luminosity
b) brightness
c) light year
d) nebula

Measures the amount of light reaching Earth.
a) brightness
b) luminosity
c) light year
d) nebula

A group of stars that, when seen from Earth, form a pattern.
a) constellation
b) universe
c) galaxy
d) light year

A huge collection of gas, dust, and billions of stars.
a) galaxy
b) universe
c) light year
d) constellation

Everything that exists, including all matter and energy.
a) universe
b) galaxy
c) spectroscopy
d) constellation

The distance that light travels through space in one year.
a) Light Year
b) Scientific Notation
c) universe
d) satellite

A mathematical abbreviation, using powers of 10 for writing very large or very small number.
a) Scientific Notation
b) Universe
c) Supernova
d) Light Year

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