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Why is Yom Kipper an important observance in Judaism?
a) It's marks the day of independence
b) It is a day where everyone has a party
c) It is a day devoted to asking for forgiveness
d) It honors the brave Jewish people who resisted the Romans

What does the Easter holiday signify?
a) The resurrection of Jesus
b) Noah saving the animals on the Arc
c) Moses parting the Red Sea
d) The conversion of Paul

Why do Muslims make the Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca)?
a) To mingle with other Muslims
b) To honor the sites important to Islam
c) To stretch their legs
d) To provide gifts to religious leaders

Why does the government of India most likely observe Diwali as an official holiday?
a) It signifies the resurrection of Jesus
b) As a Hindu holiday, most Indians celebrate the festival
c) Diwali represents democracy and education
d) People want to ask for forgiveness

Most Texas schools have a 2 week break during Christmas holiday. This is an example of what?
a) Religion influencing culture
b) Economic decisions impacting schools
c) Holiday celebrations affecting students
d) Culture outvoting principals

Which of the following is a characteristic of culture?
a) Voting in elections
b) Mountains with high elevation
c) Shared beliefs
d) Monotheism

________is a set of behaviors, beliefs, and traditions of people that unify a region
a) Climate
b) Elevation
c) Institutions
d) Culture

Which of the following has the greatest impact on where people live?
a) Availability of water
b) Access to public transportation
c) Culture
d) How good their football team is

What economic reason do people migrate from rural to urban areas?
a) Less people to bother them
b) More job opportunities
c) They want to be king of the concrete jungle
d) Safety out in the country

What would a geographer be able to tell from reading a map about the location of highways?
a) Why they are there
b) When they were made
c) How much pollution it gives off
d) What they are made of

Why do geographers study the state capitals?
a) Because the cities are lower case
b) They want the population to move to rural areas
c) Rules for society are created in these locations
d) More jobs are available there

Why do geographers use a grid system on maps?
a) To look at elevation of land masses
b) To determine the position of a location
c) To predict weather patterns
d) To determine whether or not to drive or fly

Professional geographers answer the question, Where is it located by......
a) Using latitude and longitude
b) Asking for directions
c) Interviewing tribe members
d) Guessing which way to go

Government, Economic Systems, Education, Religious Practices are all examples of what?
a) Cultural systems
b) Geography
c) Goals
d) Institutions

Why is Tejano South Texas considered a culture region?
a) Everyone speaks the same language
b) People adapted to the environment
c) People share a unique lifestyle
d) Everyone moved there from Alaska

Religion, Language, and Food are 3 of the 6 elements of culture, what are the other 3?
a) Celebrations, Rules, Music
b) Population, Land forms, Climate
c) Labor, Natural Resources, Capital
d) Citizenship, Rights, Voting

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