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Why does a researcher manipulate variables in an experiment?
a) to determine a cause and effect relationship
b) to have fun
c) to predict behavior change
d) to establish a control group

Which element of the experimental design is the variable that is manipulated (added) in order to cause a change
a) Dependent Variable
b) Independent Variable
c) Control group
d) Placebo

Which element of experimental design is the behavior or mental process that is being measured
a) Dependent Variable
b) Independent Variable
c) Random Assignment
d) Natural Selection

This group is not exposed to the independent variable
a) confounding variables
b) informed consent participants
c) control group
d) manipulated group

What is the purpose of random assignment?
a) to buy a new computer program for the research department to use
b) to control the animals in the experiment
c) to minimize the effects of any pre-existing differences among participants in a group
d) to divide the groups according to participant similarity

Which group are the participants in if they are exposed to the independent variable?
a) case study group
b) dependent group
c) experimental group
d) control group

What is the term for the procedure that ensures that neither the participants nor the researcher know who is in the control & experimental group?
a) Double-Blind Procedure
b) Double-Deaf Procedure
c) Single-Blind Procedure
d) Placebo Procedure

Which group recieves the placebo?
a) experimental group
b) group A
c) control group
d) observed group

If your hypothesis is not confirmed, it is called a
a) lie
b) mistake
c) null-hypothesis
d) false-hypothesis

What are confounding variables?
a) vocabulary words that confuse you
b) the name of a random assignment computer program
c) anything that can cause change in the dependent variable, other than the IV
d) causes change in the IV

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