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Chapter 1-3: Nevada Our Home (p.10-15). TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is the state tree of Nevada?
a) oak
b) aspen
c) bristlecone pine
d) birch

What is the state flower of Nevada?
a) sagebrush
b) lily
c) poppy
d) rose

What is the state animal of Nevada?
a) bear
b) deer
c) beaver
d) desert big-horned sheep

What is the state bird of Nevada?
a) robin
b) mountain bluebird
c) eagle
d) hawk

What is the state fish of Nevada?
a) bass
b) catfish
c) carp
d) Lahontan cutthroat trout

How many stars are on the State Seal?
a) 35
b) 36
c) 34
d) 25

How many different state flags has Nevada had?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What is the state tree of Nevada?
a) oak
b) birch
c) single-leaf pinion pine
d) aspen

What flower is on the state flag?
a) rose
b) tulip
c) cactus
d) sagebrush

Who wrote Nevada's state song Home Means Nevada?
a) Bertha E. Raffetto
b) George Stein
c) Lisa Handle
d) Emily Haley

Nevada's state metal is...
a) gold
b) platinum
c) silver
d) copper

Nevada's state rock is
a) sandstone
b) pumis
c) red rock
d) agate

Nevada's state reptile is...
a) lizard
b) desert tortoise
c) red tortoise
d) rattlesnake

What are the state colors of Nevada?
a) purple, blue, white
b) silver and green
c) silver, blue, green
d) silver and blue

Nevada state nickname is...
a) Silver State
b) Battle State
c) Blue Sky State
d) Snow-capped State

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