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What is a hypothesis?
a) a testable prediction of the experiment's/reasearch's outcome
b) a hyperactive person
c) scientific method
d) the data collected during a research experiment

What is the term for the tendency for researchers to engage in behaviors & selectively notice evidence that supports their hypothosis or expectations?
a) educated guessing
b) researcher bias
c) experimental design
d) random assignment

Which research method involves a detailed indepth account/description of a person or group of people over a period of time
a) case study
b) correlational study
c) survey
d) cross-sectional study

What is the tendency for participants to respond in a certain way because they know they are being watched or they know what the researcher wants.
a) faking
b) observation
c) participant bias
d) animal bias

The research method that cannot establish a cause & effect relationship, but can be useful for making predictions is
a) Correlational Study
b) Cross-Sectional Study
c) Case Study
d) Longitudinal Study

When a researcher observes the behavior of a group without interfering in it, he is conducting
a) an experiment
b) unbiased results
c) gaining accurate data
d) Naturalistic Observation

If Miss Crossett decided to study the language development of the same group of kindergarten students for 10 years, she would be conducting a
a) Longitudinal Study
b) Cross-Sectional Study
c) Case study
d) Survey

This research method allows researchers to collect a large amount of data from particpants who reported their attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors through questions or interviews
a) experimental design
b) Survey
c) Predicting Behavior
d) Random Sample

An disadvantage of conducting a longitudinal study is
a) biased results
b) misinterpretation of data
c) very subjective
d) can take a lot of effort and time to do it

An advantage of Naturalistic Observation is
a) can be coincidental
b) it's a good place to start when little to nothing is known about the subject
c) very accurate results
d) very detailed information

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