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A ______________ is all living and nonliving things in an area interacting with each other.
a) Ecology
b) Ecosystem
c) Habitat
d) Niche

If I want to become an ecologist, I need to go to college and study _____________.
a) Abiotic factors
b) Biology
c) Habitats
d) Ecology

Squirrels, tulips, snakes, and bears are all ______________.
a) Environments
b) Abiotic
c) Biotic
d) Ecologists

An area in which an organism lives is its ______________.
a) Habitat
b) Niche
c) Ecosystem
d) Population

All of the Australian white frogs living in Sydney, Australia are called a _____________.
a) Species
b) Population
c) Niche
d) Habitat

The fact that mice like to burrow, chew on wood, eat peanuts, and sleep during the day are all examples of mice' __________.
a) Habitat
b) Community
c) Ecosystem
d) Niche

All of the squirrels, mice, spiders, flowers, and bacteria in Sonoma are called a _____________.
a) Community
b) Population
c) Ecosystem
d) Habitat

The sunlight, amount of rainfall, level of humidity, and minerals in the soil are all examples of ____________.
a) Ecosystem
b) Abiotic factors
c) Biotic factors
d) Ecology

Even if a small species like foxtail mice go extinct in a particular ecosystem, the entire ecosystem will not be disrupted because they are so small.
a) True
b) False

Why would I use hydrogen peroxide to test whether or not there is organic materials in my soil?
a) Because it is a common liquid everyone has in their home.
b) Because it reacts with the damaged cells in the dead organisms within my soil.
c) I don't use hydrogen peroxide.
d) Because it turns my soil red enabling me to see the organic matter.

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