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Density is _____________ per unit volume
a) Weight
b) Mass
c) Time
d) Length

The basic unit for length in the metric system is....
a) Liter
b) Meter
c) Gram
d) Degrees

A suggested solution or educated guess is called....
a) Theory
b) Hypothesis
c) Conclusion

The amount of space an object takes up is called....
a) Volume
b) Mass
c) Weight
d) Density

The measure of the amount of matter in an object is called....
a) Volume
b) Mass
c) Weight
d) Density

Which would have the greatest mass?
a) fly
b) book
c) you
d) car

Length is to meter as mass is to.....
a) distance
b) weight
c) density
d) gram

what is the shape of the liquid surface (curved) in a graduated cylinder?
a) meniscus
b) variable
c) control
d) capillarity

what prefix means 1/1000th
a) kilo
b) centi
c) milli
d) micro

Kilograms measure what....
a) length
b) mass
c) volume
d) temperature

In an experiment, the factor being tested is called the....
a) variable
b) Control
c) experiment
d) data

You should wear safety glasses in the lab when....
a) using glassware
b) using fire
c) handling chemicals
d) all the above

The tool for measuring mass of a stone is the ....
a) Balance
b) Ruler
c) Thermometer
d) Calculator

Which of the following measures volume?
a) Kg
b) mm
c) cm3
d) C

What tool can be used to measure volume?
a) ruler
b) graduated cylinder
c) neither
d) both a ruler and a graduated cylinder can be used to measure volume

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