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Region Test Review #2. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which city do Christians, Jews, and Muslims claim as their religious heritage site?
a) Medina
b) Jerusalem
c) Bethlehem
d) Mecca

Which of the following is a cultural characteristic that would link or divide countries?
a) Temperature
b) Climate
c) Vegetation
d) Language

What is the purpose of a pagoda in Asian culture?
a) Dwelling
b) Cultural Hearth
c) Religious
d) Government

Thatched roofs are found in which region?
a) Pacific Isles
b) Europe
c) Mediterranean
d) Mongolia

Which cultural monument would be found in India?
a) Kaaba
b) Taj Mahal
c) Pyramids of Giza
d) Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Which of the following is NOT matched correctly?
a) Judaism-Synagogue
b) Buddhism-Pagoda
c) Christianity-Church
d) Hinduism-Mosque

Which of the following is NOT a regional label reflecting changes in perceptions?
a) Sun Belt
b) Rust Belt
c) Taiga
d) Middle East

Which religion is practiced by the majority of India's population?
a) Buddhism
b) Hinduism
c) Judaism
d) Christianity

Houses in what region are called yurts?
a) Central or Southeast Asia
b) Mediterranean
c) Jerusalem
d) Pacific Islands

Which religious group is associated with worshipping in mosques?
a) Hindus
b) Buddhists
c) Christians
d) Muslims

Which structure is known primarily as a national seat of government?
a) Taj Mahal
b) Kremlin
c) Kaaba
d) Eiffel Tower

In which region is tiled roofs commonly used?
a) Mediterranean
b) Pacific Islands
c) Mongolia
d) Switzerland

Which ethnic group did NOT make up a large percentage of the people in the former Yugoslavia?
a) Greeks
b) Serbs
c) Croats
d) Bosnians

Which religious group has conflict with the Muslims in the Asian region?
a) Christians
b) Hindus
c) Buddhists
d) Taoists

Where can you find the Hutus and Tutsis?
a) Cyprus
b) Yugoslavia
c) Korea and Japan
d) Burundi and Rwanda

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