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What is your mindset or outlook toward a given topic?
a) Attitude
b) Peers
c) Media
d) Self-concept

People of the same age who share a common range of interests and beliefs.
a) Media
b) Adherence
c) Peers
d) Attitude

The ability to stick to a plan of action.
a) Self-concept
b) adherence
c) Media
d) Peers

The view you have of yourself.
a) Attitude
b) Peers
c) Media
d) Self-concept

What is regular physical activity?
a) Any activity or exercise performed most days of the week.
b) Any inactivity.
c) Activity you perform once a year.
d) Activity you engage in every 6 months.

Whic is not a benefit of personal fitness?
a) Enhanced self esteem
b) A stress reducer.
c) Improvements in academic performance
d) A decreased life expectancy.

Which one is not a good guideline to follow when starting a fitness program?
a) Start with low impact activities.
b) Start with an activity of moderate intensity
c) Select activities you do not enjoy.
d) Chose a variety of activities.

Which is the correct order of the behavioral- change stariway?
a) starting- maintaining-not thinking- thinking
b) maintaining- not thinking - thinking - planning-starting
c) thinking-planning-starting- maintaining- not thinking
d) not thinking - thinking - planning-starting- maintaining

Which is not a description of moderate physical activity?
a) walking briskly
b) shoveling snow
c) Perceived exertion scale of of 11 - 14
d) Burns 3.5 - 7 calories per minute

Which is not a description of vigorous physical activity?
a) Swiming continuous laps
b) burns more than 7 calories per minute
c) Cycling on level terrain.
d) Perceived exertion scale of 15 or higher

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