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Which of the following is not an effective way to incorporate diversity into your classroom?
a) having your student from South America prepare a traditional dish to share with the class
b) making a boy in your class change clothes because he came to school in a dress
c) arranging your seating chart so that different cultures are sitting together and can get to know each other
d) translating some of your homework assignments into the student's native language for understanding

True or false: A student's home life can affect their performance at school.
a) true
b) false
c) idk
d) what's home life?

All of the following are reasons parents don't have a positive relationship with teachers except...
a) they often feel intimidated by the teachers
b) they don't like being 'bothered' by the school about their kid unless it's a real emergency/problem
c) they are mad that teachers make more $$ than them
d) they had bad experiences when they were in school so they project those same feelings on their child's school experience

All of the following are good ways to communicate with parents through technology except...
a) Remind101
c) email
d) Google classroom

All of the following are effective ways to incorporate a student's culture into your classroom except...
a) skip teaching the class about cultural diversity because they will pick it up on their own
b) have an interpreter help translate class materials
c) have the student share something traditional from their culture with the class(music, food, etc)
d) learn about the student's culture yourself

All of the following are terms for types of families except...
a) blended
b) single parent
c) regular
d) foster

Which of the of the following statements is true regarding communicating with parents?
a) you don't have to contact parents if their child is failing a couple of tests
b) be careful with social media friendships of students and their parents/guardians
c) don't sugarcoat what problems you're having with the student, give unfiltered feedback to parent
d) Skype is not an effective method of communicating with a parent

Research indicates that this factor increases a student's success in school
a) socioeconomic status
b) parent/teacher communication
c) participating in an extracurricular activity
d) doing all homework in a timely manner

All of the following are things parents wish teachers would do except...
a) Communicate early about problems
b) Keep their children safe
c) Act in a professional manner at all times
d) Slap their kid upside the head when they do something stupid at school

All of the following are things teachers wish parents would do except...
a) Be involved in the child’s education and accept parental responsibilities
b) Encourage children to do their best at school
c) Support school rules and goals
d) not help with homework as the student should do it themselves

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