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Which of the following is the only mammal that is venomous?
a) duck-billed platypus
b) gila monster
c) komodo dragon
d) florida panther

Which of the following would be classified as an arthropod?
a) squid
b) starfish
c) coyote
d) millipede

What bone is found in the thigh?
a) humerus
b) femur
c) ulna
d) tibia

What type of tree has needle-like leaves and is found in a taiga?
a) conifer
b) deciduous
c) altaporta
d) dryad

What is created by the mitochondria of the cell?
a) proteins
b) lipids
c) ATP
d) glucose

In what biome would you find bromeliads?
a) Tropical Rain Forest
b) Desert
c) Freshwater Estuary
d) Temperate Forest

Which dog breed doesn't bark?
a) bichon frise
b) rat terrier
c) husky
d) basenji

What was the name of the ship Darwin sailed on?
a) Divide and Conquer
b) The Challenger
c) The Beagle
d) Her Majesty\'s Ship

Where do manatees live?
a) Florida
b) Alaska
c) Illinois
d) California

What animal did Jane Goodall study?
a) gorilla
b) grizzly bear
c) meerkat
d) chimpanzee

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