Mammals, Reptiles, And Amphibians Question Preview (ID: 43273)

Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which is NOT true about reptiles?
a) Are cold-blooded.
b) Have fur/hair.
c) Lay eggs.
d) Have scaly skin.

Which is NOT true about amphibians?
a) Born with gills/fins.
b) Have backbones.
c) Start their life in water.
d) Have moist skin.

Mammals do NOT...
a) have backbones.
b) have fur/hair.
c) are warm-blooded.
d) have scaly skin.

An elephant is...
a) a mammal.
b) a reptile.
c) an amphibian.
d) a fish.

Which one is NOT true about mammals?
a) Have backbones.
b) Have fur/hair.
c) Born with fins.
d) Are warm-blooded.

A sea turtle is...
a) a reptile.
b) an amphibian.
c) a mammal.
d) a bird.

Which of these is NOT a mammal?
a) Lion
b) Sea turtles
c) Sea Lion
d) Rabbit

Reptiles are...
a) warm-blooded
b) cold-blooded
c) ice-cold blooded
d) hot-blooded

Which one is NOT an amphibian?
a) Frog
b) Salamander
c) Human
d) Newt

Mammals give birth to...
a) eggs
b) live babies
c) scales
d) fur balls

Mammals are...
a) humans
b) butterflies
c) frogs
d) owls

Reptiles have...
a) fur
b) feathers
c) scaly skin
d) gills

Frogs are...
a) mammals
b) birds
c) reptiles
d) amphibians

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