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What is the role of a tree in a food chain?
a) It cannot make its own food.
b) It eats other organisms.
c) It breaks down wastes and dead organisms.
d) It uses the sun’s energy to make food.

When organisms share limited resources, there is
a) an extra resource.
b) competition.
c) mutation.
d) extinction.

Which event would cause an ecosystem to change quickly?
a) a. a climate change
b) an earthquake
c) a lake drying up
d) a rock becoming soil

Purple loosestrife is a plant that people brought from Europe. It grows thickly in wetlands. How might this plant harm the wetlands ecosystem?
a) It might make the wetlands more beautiful.
b) It might give more food for other organisms.
c) It might provide more shelter for organisms.
d) It might take the other plants’ resources, which might cause the native plants to die.

During cellular respiration, organisms give off
a) nitrogen
b) sugar
c) carbon dioxide
d) oxygen

What is the role of chlorophyll in photosynthesis?
a) It releases energy to the sun.
b) It traps the energy from the sun. The energy is then used to make food.
c) Consumers use it to make their own food.
d) Who cares??

Why must pollution be regulated?
a) Pollution is good for the environment.
b) Too much pollution can damage the environment.
c) It does not need to be regulated.
d) More pollution should be created.

During photosynthesis, plants give off
a) oxygen and sugar
b) nitrogen
c) water vapor
d) carbon dioxide

In one ecosystem, snakes eat birds, plants make fruit, and birds eat fruit. Which is the correct food chain?
a) bird--plant--snake
b) plant--bird--snake
c) snake--plant--bird
d) snake--bird--plant

Which describes both a food chain and a food web?
a) both began with a producer
b) both contain only consumers
c) both contain multiple ways that energy flows
d) both must include a carnivore

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