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The New World..
a) Europe, Africa, and Asia
b) Europe and America
c) The Americas
d) Europe, Australia and Asia

The Old World...
a) Europe, Africa, and Asia
b) The Americas
c) Australia and Antarctica
d) Europe and America

A negative impact of the Columbian Exchange
a) Domesticated Plants
b) Domesticated Animals
c) Diseases
d) Cultural fushion

Holy Wars fought by Christians
a) Crucible
b) War of 1512
c) Crusades
d) Christian Revolution

To explore new lands..
a) Navigation
b) Exploration
c) Circumnavigate
d) Astrolabe

The southern tip of Africa..
a) Cape of Goodness
b) Cape of South Africa
c) Cape of Good Hope
d) Cape Sahara

The explorer who located the souther tip of Africa
a) Da Gama
b) Columbus
c) De Soto
d) Magellan

To go all the way around the globe..
a) Circumference
b) Circlenavigate
c) circumnavigate
d) navigation

Who circumnavigated the globe?
a) Columbus
b) Magellan
c) Da Gama
d) De Soto

What do we call the transfer of goods from old to new world?
a) Columbian Transfer
b) Columbian Exchange
c) Transfer Diffusion
d) Columbian Effect

The explorer who went west in search of India
a) Da Gama
b) De Soto
c) Hudson
d) Columbus

A period of rebrith in art and culture..
a) Renassiance
b) Navigation
c) Crusades
d) Exploration

What explorer were the Americas named for..
a) Vespucci
b) Columbus
c) Da Gama
d) De Soto

What was one major reason for exploration..
a) Portugal
b) Spain
c) England
d) France

Which country sponsored Columbus's trip?
a) To find a cheaper route to America
b) To reach Africa quicker
c) To develop better technology
d) To find a cheaper/safer route to India and Asia

What country was the leader in exploration?
a) Spain
b) England
c) Portugal
d) France

Columbus' crew wanted to mutiny. What is mutiny?
a) An agreement made by the crew
b) a threat to overthrow
c) a violent disagreement
d) a compromise

Where did Columbus actually land?
a) The Bahamas
b) Spain
c) India
d) Indonesia

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