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What element of culture deals with peer pressure?
a) Social Organization
b) Customs and Tradition
c) Arts and Literature
d) Government

What type of economy has people growing or making everything they need--Hunters and gathers?
a) Mixed
b) Command
c) Market
d) Traditional

Type of government where one person rules by force.
a) Democracy
b) Republic
c) Dictatorship
d) Socialism

The spread of ideas like religion or music is an example of what?
a) Technology
b) Diffusion
c) Interdependence
d) Ethnocentrism

What is it called when you judge another culture based on your own?
a) Interdependence
b) Racism
c) Ethnocentrism
d) Diversity

The type of government where people have the supreme power to make decisions?
a) Democracy
b) Republic
c) Dictatorship
d) Communism

What element of culture teaches values and the meaning and purpose of life?
a) Social Organization
b) Government
c) Arts and Literature
d) Religion

The Tortise and the Hare folktale is example of which element of culture?
a) Social Organization
b) Customs and Traditions
c) Arts and Literature
d) Language

What is the #1 cause of cultural change this century?
a) Climate
b) New ideas
c) Technology
d) Wars

What type of government do people elect leaders to represent them?
a) Democracy
b) Republic
c) Dictatorship
d) Monarchy

What type of religion believes in only one God?
a) Monotheism
b) Polytheism
c) Agnostic
d) All religions

All things that make up a people's entire way of life is called what?
a) Geography
b) History
c) Diffusion
d) Culture

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