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This treaty divided the world in half?
a) Treaty of Versailles
b) Treaty of Tordesillas
c) Treaty of Paris
d) Treaty of Europe

European Explorers set out to find all the following except?
a) Wealth
b) new people
c) Knowledge
d) Trade routes

Some Natives switched to the Christian faith willingly because?
a) they thought their armies would be unbeatable because they saw the power of the spanish fleet
b) they were forced to
c) they had no religion of their own
d) they thought the spanish would become their friend

Where was the First European Settlement?
a) St. Augustine
b) Roanoke
c) Jamestown
d) Plymouth

Life on Sea was hard for a sailor because all of the following except?
a) malnutrition
b) sunburns
c) storms
d) lack of food

Early European Exploration helped increase?
a) Mapping
b) Navigation
c) Both Navigation and Mapping
d) helped increase nothing

Silk Trade route is?
a) Trading route between Europe and North America
b) Trading route between Africa and Europe
c) a silk road
d) Trading route between Europe and Asia

All were impacts of European Exploration Except?
a) knowledge
b) a lot of Europeans died
c) wealth
d) Found new foods, plants, and animals

How did Native Americans get to America?
a) A land bridge (beringia)
b) boat
c) horses
d) jumping on melting glaciers

Why did Native Americans come to America?
a) Spanish forced them off of their land
b) Wanted more land
c) Followed the big game they hunted
d) They wanted to be with family

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