Vocabulary Set 4 Question Preview (ID: 43230)

Vocab Set 4. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

to scold
a) chide
b) civic
c) clamor
d) conjoin

pertaining to citizenship and living in a community
a) civic
b) chide
c) clamor
d) conjoin

a loud, continuous noise
a) clamor
b) conjoin
c) chide
d) civic

to join or become joined together
a) conjoin
b) clamor
c) civic
d) chide

a bruise
a) contusion
b) conjoin
c) deficit
d) evasive

a loss or disadvantage; a lack
a) deficit
b) contusion
c) conjoin
d) clamor

avoiding attention or danger
a) evasive
b) hapless
c) hilt
d) deficit

wretched and unlucky
a) hapless
b) hilt
c) evasive
d) clamor

the handle of a tool or weapon, especially a sword
a) hilt
b) hapless
c) contusion
d) civic

to carry on; to continue the existing state
a) maintain
b) palsy
c) contusion
d) pare

paralysis, sometimes in a single area of the body
a) palsy
b) maintain
c) pare
d) poise

to cut away unnecessary parts
a) pare
b) palsy
c) maintain
d) poise

a dignified and self-confident manner
a) poise
b) pare
c) palsy
d) unify

related to the present matter; to the point
a) relevant
b) unify
c) palsy
d) hapless

to bring together as one
a) unify
b) poise
c) chide
d) hilt

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