7th Grade African Ethnic Religious Groups Question Preview (ID: 43222)

Ethnic Groups Of Africa Arab, Ashanti, Bantu, Swahili. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which Ethnic group is the largest in Africa
a) Arabs
b) Bantu
c) Swahili
d) Ashante

What religion are the majority of Bantu people
a) Golden stool as power, Traditional African (animism)
b) Some Muslim, some Christian, some aminist
c) Judiasm
d) Chiristiains

What is the language of the Swahili people
a) English
b) Ashanti
c) A mixture of Arabic and Bantu
d) Arabic

What religion do most Swahili people follow?
a) Muslim/Traditional African
b) Christianity
c) Judiasm
d) Hinduism

What language do the Arab speak
a) Arabic
b) Asanta (Twi)
c) Bantu
d) Swahili

What language to the Bantu people speak?
a) English
b) Asante (Twi)
c) Bantu family of languages
d) Arabic

What part of Africa are the Bantu people from?
a) Central and Southern
b) Southern
c) Northern
d) Northwest

What religion do most Bantu people follow?
a) Judiasm
b) Muslim
c) Christanity
d) A mixture of Muslim, Christian, and aminist

What religion do most Arabs follow?
a) Muslim
b) Christian
c) Judaism
d) Animism

What religion do most Ashanti people follow?
a) Golden stool as power, Traditional African (animism)
b) Muslim
c) Christian
d) Judaism

What part of Africa are the majority of Swahili people from?
a) North Africa (Egypt)
b) South Africa
c) East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania)
d) West Africa (Nigeria)

What part of Africa are the majority of Arabs from?
a) West Africa
b) North Africa
c) East Africa
d) South Africa

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