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The way light reflects off a mineral is
a) luster
b) cleavage
c) streak
d) color

Which are ways minerals can be identified?
a) color, shape, streak, density, and hardness
b) color, streak, size, hardness, and luster
c) color, shape, size, streak and hardness
d) color, shape, size, streak and hardness

Color is not a good way to identify minerals because
a) minerals with the same color have the same hardness
b) minerals with different colors break differently
c) most minerals are colorless
d) the same mineral can be different colors

The hardness of a mineral can be tested by
a) stepping on it
b) throwing it against the wall
c) a scratch test
d) hitting it with a hammer

An object made in a lab that is solid has a crystal structure. Not a mineral because
a) it is inorganic
b) it has a definite chemical composition
c) it is not made naturally
d) it is a solid

The hardest mineral on Mohs Scale is
a) talc
b) quartz
c) diamond
d) feldspar

Cleavage/fracture of a mineral tells you
a) color
b) streak
c) breakage pattern
d) hardness

Silky, pearly, dull, waxy and earthy are all examples of
a) color
b) luster
c) streak
d) breakage pattern

Quartz (7) can scratch a diamond, apatite, and feldspar.
a) true
b) false

Which mineral cannot scratch your fingernail?
a) talc
b) quartz
c) calcite
d) apatite

According to the hardness scale, fluorite can scratch
a) apatite, talc, and gypsum
b) talc, gypsum, and calcite
c) calcite, apatite, and feldspar
d) quartz, feldspar, and apatite

A naturally occurring, inorganic solid with a definite crystal structure chemical make-up is
a) a rock
b) a mineral
c) specific gravity
d) density

The scale used to measure the hardness of a mineral is
a) the mineral hardness scale
b) Mohs Hardness Scale
c) Mohs Scratch Scale
d) Fredricks Hardness Scale

Which of the choices is NOT true about a mineral?
a) it is a solid
b) it has a definite chemical composition
c) it is made in a lab
d) it has a definite crystal structure

Using Mohs Hardness Scale on the board, an iron nail would not scratch
a) talc
b) calcite
c) gypsum
d) quartz

Using the hardness scale on the board, apatite would scratch
a) fluorite
b) topaz
c) feldspar
d) quartz

A mineral scratches a penny (3.5) and glass (6.5), what would be the hardness of the mineral?
a) about 4
b) about 5
c) about 5.5
d) about 7

What property would be BEST to identify pyrite (fool's gold) and real gold?
a) density
b) hardness
c) streak
d) color

A mineral has a mass of 6.9g and a vol. of 3mL. What is the density of the mineral. (d=m/V)
a) 13.8g/mL
b) 21.7g/mL
c) 2.3g/mL
d) 3.2g/mL

Quartz and diamond are often mistaken for each other. How can the difference be known?
a) color
b) luster
c) scratch
d) hardness

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