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When glass breaks, the cracks move up to how many mph?
a) 3,000
b) 2,500
c) 5,000
d) 1,000

What are the odds of being killed by space debris?
a) 1 in 5 billion
b) 1 in 10 billion
c) 1 in 5 million
d) 1 in 1 trillion

At what temperature are Fahrenheit and Celsius the same?
a) -40
b) 50
c) 0
d) 92

How many pounds of pressure do you need to rip off your ear?
a) 17
b) 11
c) 2
d) 7

Every year over 8,800 people injure themselves with what apparently harmless tiny object?
a) toothpick
b) baseball bat
c) knife
d) pencil

Which of the following is the longest running American animated TV show?
a) Simpsons
b) Pokemon
c) Rugrats
d) TV Funhouse

How many dimples are there on a regular golf ball?
a) 418
b) 336
c) 294
d) 377

Coulrophobia means fear of what?
a) clowns
b) old people
c) sacred things
d) fish

In California, it is illegal to eat oranges while doing what?
a) gardening
b) working on a computer
c) driving
d) bathing

In what place was Christmas once illegal?
a) Brazil
b) England
c) France
d) Russia

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