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Which of the following is not an example of chemical weathering?
a) hydrolysis
b) oxidation
c) frost wedging
d) carbonation

Which of the following minerals is most resistant to weathering?
a) iron
b) feldspar
c) calcite
d) quartz

Two climate factors that are most important in the weathering process are
a) temperature & rainfall
b) temperature & topography
c) temperature & air quality
d) rainfall & topography

Which agent of erosion is responsible for changing most of Earth's surface?
a) gravity
b) running water
c) glaciers
d) wind

Which of the following is not a depositional feature of glaciers?
a) till
b) erratics
c) moraines
d) loess

Tilted telephone or fence poles on a hillside is evidence of
a) creep
b) earthflow
c) runoff
d) glaciers

Glaciers that form on mountains are
a) valley glaciers
b) ice caps
c) continental glaciers
d) moraines

Weathered material is removed from a place by
a) abrasion
b) deposition
c) erosion
d) moraines

A delta usually forms at the ___________, or end, of a river.
a) source
b) tributary
c) mouth
d) floodplain

What is responsible for the formation of limestone caverns?
a) sulfruric acid dissolves the calcite in limestone rocks
b) the oxidation of calcite in limestone rocks
c) carbonic acid dissolves the calcite in limestone rocks
d) hydrolysis decomposing silicate minerals in limestone rocks

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