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What is the crust and upper part of the mantle called?
a) plate
b) lithosphere
c) seismic waves
d) tsunami

What is the point of origin of an earthquake?
a) epicenter
b) fault
c) focus
d) geyser

Where is the epicenter located?
a) On the earth's surface directly above the focus
b) Below the earth's surface where the earthquake starts
c) Under the sea near a thin part of the crust
d) Near a crack in the crust

What are the vibrations that flow out from the earthquake's focus?
a) sound waves
b) electromagnetic waves
c) seismic waves
d) marine waves

Which of the following are the most destructive earthquake waves?
a) P
b) S
c) L
d) Q

What is the measure of an earthquake's strength called?
a) magnitude
b) velocity
c) seismic energy
d) vog

Which of the following can be associated with an earthquake?
a) tsunami
b) volcano
c) fault
d) all of these

Which of the following is NOT a type of hot spring?
a) geyser
b) mud pot
c) hot spot
d) all of the above

What is vog?
a) volcanic fog
b) pyroclastic flow
c) debris flow
d) lava eruption

What is the area along the edge of the Pacific Ocean where lots of volcanic activity occurs?
a) Ring of Volcanoes
b) Pacific Seismic Zone
c) Ring of FIre
d) EVZ (Earthquake-Volcano Zone)

What is magma?
a) molten rock that flows out of a volcano
b) the opening in the top of a volcano
c) a crack along the earth's surface
d) molten rock underneath the earth's surface

What does a seismologist study?
a) Volcanoes
b) Rocks
c) Movements in the earth's crust
d) Types of volcanic eruptions

Earthquke magnitude is measured by
a) the Mercalli Scale
b) the Richter scale
c) the Weight Watcher's scale
d) a seismograph

What machine records the movement of the earth's crust?
a) Oscilloscope
b) Stethoscope
c) Seismograph
d) Electrograph

What is another name for a gradual, sloping volcano?
a) Composite
b) Cinder cone
c) Shield
d) Sloper

What volcano has a bowl-like crater on top and only one main vent?
a) composite
b) cinder cone
c) shield
d) peak

If a volcano has not erupted in modern times and is not expected to erupt again, what type of volcano is it?
a) dormant
b) active
c) sleeping
d) extinct

Pieces of ash and lava blown into the air is called
a) tephra
b) lava
c) cinder
d) magma

What type of volcano has different kinds of eruptions causing layers in its formation?
a) composite
b) cinder cone
c) shield
d) sloping

What type of hot spring perodically sends bursts of hot water into the air?
a) hot spot
b) mud pot
c) geyser
d) lava pool

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