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Did Jake want to play with Tom another day?
a) no
b) yes
c) maybe
d) sort of

According to Romans 15:7, why should we accept others?
a) It is what my mother told me to do
b) It makes me look good
c) So i do not get in trouble
d) Christ has accepted us

What did Jake and Tom eat for lunch
a) jelly sandwiches
b) ham sandwiches
c) turkey sandwiches
d) chicken nuggets

What playground item made Jake and Tom dizzy?
a) the slide
b) the swing
c) the merry-go-round
d) the see-saw

What was Tom making with the blocks?
a) a truck
b) a car
c) a jet
d) a treehouse

Why did Jake not want to play with Tom?
a) Tom was playing a game that Jake did not want to play
b) Tom did not want to play with Jake
c) He was mean
d) He could not run or walk

What was different about Tom?
a) He was in a wheelchair
b) He was on crutches
c) He had glasses
d) He could not hear (he was deaf)

Where did Jake and his family go on Saturday?
a) the beach
b) the park
c) the movies
d) the mountains

What is Jake's sister's name?
a) Sara
b) Kelly
c) Liz
d) Hannah

What did Jake's father tell Jake to ask Tom?
a) Ask him what he like to do
b) Ask him if he has any friends
c) Ask him about his wheel chair
d) Jake's father did not tell him to ask Tom anything

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