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It is important to follow rules because __________.
a) they are made to keep people safe
b) our teacher said so
c) we live in a rural community
d) it is fun

We can learn about ___________ by reading stories about the past.
a) history
b) science
c) law
d) suburbs

We are going to __________ for the kind of pizza we want to eat in the cafeteria.
a) law
b) vote
c) capital
d) community

The White House is a part of our state's __________.
a) capital
b) community
c) rural
d) law

A suburb is a kind of __________.
a) law
b) capital
c) history
d) community

Our town has a __________ against jaywalking.
a) vote
b) law
c) history
d) comunity

A rural community has __________.
a) tall buildings
b) lots of buildings
c) farms
d) crowded streets

The name of my state is __________.
a) Elgin
b) Blaney
c) South Carolina
d) United States

Our state bird is the__________.
a) Carolina Wren
b) Bald Eagle
c) Cardinal
d) Hawk

My state flower is the __________.
a) Rose
b) Daisy
c) Zinnia
d) Yellow Jessamine

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