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Has no dimension, length, width or thickness
a) line
b) capital letter
c) point
d) plane

Two coplanar lines that do not intersect
a) perpendicular lines
b) rays
c) parallel lines
d) skew lines

Has no thickness but its length extends in one dimension and goes on forever in both directions
a) ray
b) line
c) plane
d) point

2 rays that lie on the same line, with a common endpoint and no other points in common
a) opposite rays
b) point
c) line
d) ray

- 8 - (- 5)
a) 13
b) - 13
c) 3
d) - 3

Name the y - intercept: y = - 4x - 5
a) 5
b) 4
c) - 4
d) - 5

- 8 - 11
a) 3
b) 19
c) - 19
d) - 3

Points that lie in the same plane
a) collinear
b) planar
c) opposite rays
d) coplanar

Has no thickness but extends indefinitely in all directions
a) point
b) line
c) cube
d) plane

Solve; 8x + 3 = 5x + 33
a) 5
b) 10
c) - 5
d) - 10

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