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In early societies,__________ were skilled craftspeople who made things like jewelry or pottery.
a) scribes
b) artisans
c) peasants
d) nomads

A ___________ economy relies on habit, custom, or ritual and tends to not change over time.
a) traditional
b) surplus
c) capitalist
d) market

Domestication refers to
a) the controlling of plants and animals for human use
b) the belief in many gods
c) the belief that plantsa and animals have spirits
d) an abundance of food

Mary and Louis Leakey are famous
a) anthropologists
b) historians
c) hominids
d) Neolithic farmers

Mary and Louis Leakey did most of their famous work at ___________, in Tanzania.
a) Addis Ababa
b) Olduvai Gorge
c) Ethiopia
d) Catalhuyuk

The Old Stone Age is also called the
a) Paleolithic Period
b) Neolithic Period
c) Mesolithic Period
d) Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic Period is also known as
a) the New Stone Age
b) the Old Stone Age
c) prewriting
d) Before Common Era

A ___________ is a sparse, dry grassland.
a) steppe
b) plateau
c) gorge
d) tundra

Which of the following would most likely be considered a primary source?
a) history book
b) history teacher
c) encyclopedia
d) photograph

Which of the following could we study to learn more about prehistoric peoples?
a) cave paintings
b) official historical documents
c) diary entries
d) photographs

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